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I am in my sixties and have ever since childhood a sense of anxiety about money matters. Samarra has an amazing insight of what lies at the very root of how I came to feel this way. Her compassion allowed me to face things that go back a long way. I feel liberated and confident that I know how to handle money. Her approach is as simple as it is profound. She 'heard' things I didn't say. It is a special bonus that this confidence has carried over to face other obstacles in my life and be at peace with myself. Priceless!!
--Gertraud Hakes, Whitney Point, NY

I want to highly recommend Samarra Mbenga, who has been working with me for the last month helping to liberate my financial self, and that's just for starters. She is an amalgamation of planner/coach/money healer who is skilled at identifying the dominant past emotion behind our patterns. In addition to her exceptionally high level of presence and skill, I've never met anyone who does precisely what Samarra does. My experience in working with her has been profound, as the territory she delves into goes beyond money and into our deepest potential. I have had several breakthroughs that have illuminated my unconscious patterns, and I have gained the skills and momentum to transform them. Samarra is helping me take inventory of the outdated beliefs that are the underpinnings of my actions, and thus my life. It is very powerful! I can't recommend the work she does enough. --Lauralee, New York, NY

What I've Learned from working with SM Management: I'm not broke and I'm not a failure!  I can survive looking at my finances. With a plan, I really can get what I want and not have to be punished for it later. It's not a flaw in my character to be afraid of my finances. It's a great relief to know what I've got and, by planning, to know that it's enough! --Anonymous New York, NY 

At first I was skeptical that Samarra could help me. However, after 4 one hour sessions my wife and I have finally gotten a handle on our finances. Thanks to Samarra, our dreams are no longer fantasies but real possibilities. --Les, New York, NY

The personal contact was outstanding. Very intuitive approach, rather than a program or 10 steps or even just advice.  It's exactly the approach I needed and allowed for much creativity and personalization within a session. --Heather Scheiwe, Minneapolis, MN

Loved your email missive this week...your weekly email moved me from thought to action. --Rebecca Patterson, Brooklyn, NY

Samarra, thank you so much for coaching me through your powerful personal money management process. I am very meticulous and consider myself a numbers person, and I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first. But what I never accounted for was the emotional side of managing my money. Not only did you show me that I have negative emotions around spending, but I feel the negative emotions of each purchase TWICE! First when I pay at the register with my credit card, and then again when I pay my credit card bill. I don't want to feel bad once let alone twice! You gave me the clarity I need to develop much healthier emotions around money. Thank you. --Curtis G. Schmitt, Shelter Island, NY

Wow! What an amazing session with Samarra!  In one hour, I was able to connect to my beliefs about money and recognize how I have been limiting myself from experiencing joy, abundance and financial freedom.   Samarra helped me to develop clarity and a plan of action around this important dimension of my life.  Her insight, compassion and ability to create a space to imagine what's possible when love replaces fear was so empowering!   I now have a powerful vision to guide me as I recreate my financial destiny. --Nancy Feth, Professional Coach, Pembroke, MA

It was definitely a stress free experience. And the way she pinpoints everything to you emotionally is wonderful, makes you see exactly what you do and why you do it. Its more than just about your money with Samarra  its about your life and who you are and how you feel are all one in the same with you and your money. It was an absolute pleasure having Samarra to work with and being able to set a goal for my financial freedom……..thanks Samarra!! --Rhosael Ciandre, Franchise Owner


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