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I graduated summa cumme laude from Howard University with a BFA in acting.  Originally from Arlington, VA.  I’ve performed at Arena Stage, The Kennedy Center and most recently on Theatre Row In New York City. I have received rave reviews from The New York Times, Backstage and The Washington Post.  Further education and trainings include Landmark Education, Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, and The Workshop in Business Opportunity.  Since starting SM Management 2 1/2 years ago, I’ve started an inspirational and instructional weekly ezine called Emotional Money, and have received rave responses for each of my seminars; Free Your Financial State of Mind, Adventures in Abundance: Ignite Your Time, Passion, Money and Health and Healing One-On-One.

I am a daughter, granddaughter and mother of two adorable kittens.  I am a complex woman. I am an artist, a business woman, a lover of learning new things and a resister of change.  By 25 I had made all the goals I had set out to accomplish but was unfulfilled, and totally at a loss as to what I was supposed to do now for the rest of my life. Controlled loner, no longer content, I was forced to reach up and out.

By reaching out I discovered so many people of all ages, races, and colors at the same crossroads in their lives.  Having those conversations, making those connections filled the pains of growth with laughter and peace. I learned that I was not alone.  Each time a connection is made, the dots connected are infinite. I am interested in the line between the dots. The line creates the connections. What does this have to do with finances you ask? My answer: EVERYTHING! We, in most cases, are unconsciously living out the unhealthy financial patterns of our parents, families and communities.  When I was prepared to let go of being in control and alone, the connections, lines and dots of others with the same story provided my fulfillment and peace.

I was compelled to start SM Management providing, through my insights and experience, the key to breaking the familiar yet unfulfilling habits from your past that are unconsciously running your  present. I guarantee you will be inspired, fulfilled and free. 


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